What’s different about Cowboy Canyon Winery wines?…..Here’s what Pardners/Winemakers Chad and Michael had to say…..“We decided to contract with the best growers for just a little of the finest fruit they produce.” Cowboy Canyon Winery gets the same grapes grown for the super-premium wineries and sometimes, because there is so little of the best of the best fruit, it only comes CCW’s way. We always start with superior fruit and, pretty much, get out of its way. We trust the grapes to do their job; we are definitely not one of those wineries that make better wine through chemistry. We do not make huge amounts of each wine so we can personally give the grapes all the love and attention they need, as we coax them to return that love with great wine.

Silver Spurs Chardonnay

is always made in stainless steel, unoaked so there is nothing between you and the fruit.

Buttero Barbera

is an Italian varietal, dry but fruity and with a full mouth feel. Buttero (which means Cowboy in Italian) is great for just sipping or with cheese and crackers or any red sauce Italian meal.

8 Second Ride Sangiovese

is reminiscent of a fine pinot noir, medium bodied, spicy and just enough fruitiness. This wine is truly elegant and pairs well with Salmon, chicken, veal, pork and so much more.

Posse Red Blend

is a collaborative effort of the Pardners and the grower…We call it Posse because we have used a posse of grape varietals like Primitivo, Zinfandel, Syrah and Petite Sirah. Posse is medium to full bodied with soft tannins and a long, long finish…This wine is very versatile when pairing with foods.

Gaucho Malbec

is full bodied, dry and has just a hint of fruit…We found only one vineyard that makes fruit worthy enough to produce a Malbec that rivals and, dare we say, beats Malbecs coming out of Argentina.

Pardners Meritage

is a Bordeaux blend; that means we use the grape varietals of Bordeaux to make our Meritage blend, like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and maybe Petit Verdot, or Malbec….Pardners Meritage is always an award winner and at half the price of similar quality wines.

Miss Kitty

is named for Pardner Michael’s Mom, an elegant lady and a bit ornery. This sparkling Muscat is totally dry but with an abundance of fruit that makes it so delightful to drink. Lots of Champaign drinkers like Miss Kitty better.


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