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SEE OUR NEWSLETTER CCW celebrated its second year anniversary in late November 2015. We’ve come so far since our tasting room first opened in late November 2013. We started with only three wines, “Silver Spurs” Chardonnay, “8 Second Ride” Sangiovese, and “Pardners” Meritage Bordeaux blend; we sold out of all of three before the end of our first year…New vintages of all three were released in ’15 bringing smiles from all you Pardners…We hit the motherlode of beautiful grapes, just the way we like them, from Sonoma to make our sophomore year of our inaugural wines a big success…

Our Chardonnay grapes came from Russian River Valley and, this time, the wine has an ever so slight, hint of oak. A small vineyard in Knights Valley is where our Sangiovese grapes were sourced giving the wine more depth and complexity than our first vintage…Have you tried it? Pardners, as the name implies, partnered, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc all from Sonoma Valley, this is our flagship wine; wine snobs and regular folks both love it…

In mid-2015 we were pleased to introduce three new wines all made with grapes from the vineyards in the Sierra Foothills, CA “Buttero” Barbera 2011(the ’11 is almost gone) and 2012, same grape, same vineyards but distinctively different…By the way, “Buttero” means Cowboy in Italian…When Chad and I got together to create a proprietary red blend, none of our folks could figure out what the heck we were doing…who blends Primitivo, (Italy’s Zinfandel), Zinfandel, Syrah and Petite Sirah,…well Chad and I did and it may very well be our most popular wine, we call it Posse, what else…. Guess what, we’re working on our next Posse blend for a mid to late summer release…. I don’t want to be roped and hogtied by my pardners for spillin’ the beans but I just can’t contain myself, our MALBEC is being bottled on May 9th and will be in our tasting room a few weeks later. We got the grapes from a small vineyard north of Napa in Lake County; our
Gaucho Malbec is “off-the-charts” GOOD. Salute’